People Live Still in Cashtown Corners

People Live Still in Cashtown Corners - Tony Burgess, Erik Mohr I am lost for words in the face of such an extreme piece of literature. Burgess novel retells the story of massmurderer Bob Clark, the only inhabitant of Cashtown Corners, from the killers perspective. It's what makes this novel so compelling, aside from its true background, the reader can dive into the killer's mind. It's not always pretty, actually Bob Clark's narrative is erratic and becomes even delusional towards the end, but that is what I imagine a massmurderer's thoughts sound like. Tony Burgess did a fantastic job at giving the reader this unusual inside scoop on a true crime.

Very entertaining, but also believable in its description of the Cashtown Corners massmurder. This novel dares to emphathize without any tiring attemps at explaining a horror that cannot be explained.