Entangled: A Chronicle of Late Love

Entangled: A Chronicle of Late Love - Don Asher;Lois Goodwill Don and Sarah are in the November of their lives. The divorcees have been dating forthe past twenty years. Together they have overcome Don’s prostate cancer. Donthinks their relationship is made to last but then Sarah meets Vernon an ex-Jesuitpriest who proposes her for more than friendship.

I lovedthis memoir. It is told from both sides of the relationship. Don writes acharming narrative about how he didn’t see it coming and when the damage isdone does his best to cope with what he has left. Sarah contributes withentries from her diary, both before and during the affair. So two of them leaveno questions open by giving the reader the answers to both ‘What happened?’ and‘What was she thinking?’.

I am aboutfifty years younger than the protagonists but have enjoyed reading their storynonetheless. I liked the late Don much better than Sarah but have still admiredthe honesty with which she has bared her innermost thoughts to the reader inthis memoir. I am glad the two of them decided to tell their story about latelove for the benefit of both young and youthful readers alike.

If you askme, this is a gem of a memoir. If you are still south of the big 5-0 you mightwant to wait reading it though, unless like me you’d like to sneak a peek atwhat might await you on the other side. I am now eager to read other books byauthor Don Asher, there are nine of them so I’ll have my pick.

This book will make a great gift to parents, grandparents, older aunts and uncles alike.