Brothers (and Me): A Memoir of Loving and Giving

Brothers (and Me): A Memoir of Loving and Giving - Donna Britt In hermemoir Donna Britt explores the causes of her innate giving to the men aroundher particularly the black men in her life. Being the only girl in a familyfull of sons Donna learned to feel comfortable around men early on. Childhoodpranks left her vary of the girls and women in her life. During her collegeyears tragedy struck and left her mourning for her brother Darrell, a loss shewould spend the rest of her life coming to terms with.

This bookisn’t just a memoir it is a search. Donna Britt is sifting through her pastremembering the good times and the bad always looking for the source of her addictionto giving her time, her money, her all and everything to her brothers, herlovers, her sons. Interwoven with said memories are her thoughts onemancipation of both black and white women reminiscent of her struggle forappreciation by men and giving to herself once in a while.

In hernarrative Donna Britt is honest and self-critical. Her soul-searching inspiredmany a similar thought from me while I was reading about her childhood, youthand path to finding and cutting herself a break every now and then. Ithoroughly enjoyed reading this book as a way of checking on feminism'spracticality. Donna Britt looks at herself and asks, how far have we come sincethe 50s? Does having it all mean juggling a career AND a household? And mostimportant, if the men in our lives are not willing to chip in – where does thatleave us?

In herruminations Donna Britt tells the reader many a personal detail and afterreading her book I feel that I have gotten to know an extraordinary woman. Shehas opened my eyes to the difficulties that American women face, the underlyingsexism many of them struggle against in their daily lives and the particulargravity that sexism and racism hold for black females in America who not onlysuffer for themselves but also for the men in their lives.

This memoir is a compelling, honest and charming read. A book that will inspireand empower black and white women alike.