Fall of the Birds (A Short Story)

Fall of the Birds - Bradford Morrow The narrator is a surveyor working for an insurance company. He has recently lost his wife and is now a single parent caring for his step-daughter Caitlin. Bothof them share a passion for ornithology that is aggravated when a series of mass bird-deaths occurs throughout the north east of America.

I found this short novel a tiny bit obscure but then again not too obscure to enjoy. Ihave a feeling that I have not yet grasped the full extent of what the author is trying to tell his readers through this book. The dying birds seem to symbolize something that stays hidden to those whose thoughts on the book stay superficial. If read purely for short-term enjoyment the reader might end up feeling unsatisfied because he waits for the other shoe to drop and that just doesn’t happen. The novel runs its course and the author never lets on about his motives and much too soon it all ends, leaving the reader with a lot of questions. Too many? That is for each individual reader to find out.

The narrator and protagonist of this novel stays nameless but gives the reader anarray of thoughts, insights and speculations as a basis for getting to know and to understand him and daughter Caitlin. For me personally a couple hundred pages are not enough to befriend a character deeply enough so he’ll stay with you beyond the pages of a book. So for me this novel was about story, an extended short story of sorts that kept me company for a little while but then left me unchanged. The story itself feels unfinished and felt like the beginning of something bigger. The author could have kept writing and turned this short book into an epic but chose not to.

This book is an entertaining read but the story doesn’t quite manage to reach its full potential.