Under the Mesquite

Under the Mesquite - Guadalupe Garcia McCall Lupita is a mexican-american girl growing up in the state of Texas with her parents and her seven siblings. One day she eavesdrops on a conversation between her parentsand finds out that her mother suffers from cancer. While Lupita struggles with the ever occurring changes that make up the teenage years, her family is struggling to cope with her mother’s illness.

I’m quitefond of this novel, the way its sentences are beautifully crafted around a tragic topic. How it follows the story of its main character without much ado.Under the mesquite will charm you just as it has charmed me. The warmth of the narration in addition to the glimpse at the life of the narrator and her family business makes for a well-loved read. I couldn’t help equating the author with her narrator a fault of mine I consider forgivable. But even if I am mistaken,given that this is a work of fiction, I felt I got an impression of a youth as a Mexican American. This is why I read to take part in stories I would normally never experience.

As tragic as this story I couldn’t help feeling good reading it. The versed sentences make it a quick read, the pages flew by and I have earmarked it for re-reading sometime later already. Now I am writing to coax you into taking part in my delight for this book by reading it yourself, the rest this novel will no doubt do on its own. And even though short books may be challenging to review they can be a joy to read. If you are eager to experience that effect, have a go atthis novel and enjoy.

A gem of a book, that’s all that needs saying.