Committed: A Love Story

Committed: A Love Story - Elizabeth Gilbert The story of Elizabeth and Felipe continues. Since Felipe has been denied access to the US the two of them are now planning a wedding. This sounds romantic but for the two divorcees the decision was not an easy one.
After I had read EAT, PRAY, LOVE I have been fooled a little by this sequel. I thought Gilbert had written yet another funny and inspiring autobiography, about her happy ever after with Felipe. But this book is a standard non-fiction work about marriage. If you are interested in just that you will have a well-written, engaging as well as informative book on your hands. Gilbert talks about the history of marriage, marriage and divorce in America and the rest of the world, as well as women and marriage. I personally do not plan to get married any time soon, so I was a bit bored reading about it for the length of this book, especially with the charming narration of EAT, PRAY, LOVE still in my mind.
I like Elizabeth and Felipe a lot, they make a lovely couple ever since Gilbert's memoir. So in this book I missed them a little. You get the occaisonal scene with them and this did reinforce my opinion about them every time but through most of the book the two of them stay in the background.
What makes you travel through Laos when you can easily wait out your visa in Australia is a question only the author can answer. But the couple's choice of bumpy busrides and bull-frog dinners over relaxing beach days makes for an intriguing scenery that kindly continues the adventures of EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Even though some of their travels don't sound at all desireable to me.
I have been a fan of Gilbert's narrative ever since her memoir. She is honest to the point of making the reader cringe a little, but also blush because she is in fact like us despite her unusual lifestyle. Reading her gives me the impression of chatting to an old friend, so the autobiographical parts of this book have been very welcome to me as I presume they will be to any other reader.
If you are looking for another EAT, PRAY, LOVE you will be disappointed. But anyone who likes a good non-fiction topic-centered read will surely be delighted by this well-written charm of a pro and con list about marriage.