A Tinfoil Sky

A Tinfoil Sky - Cyndi Sand-Eveland Mel and hermother Cecily flee their home from boyfriend Craig and seek shelter inRiverview with grand-mother Gladys. When their return isn’t welcomed asexpected they have no choice but to sleep in their car. Soon after Cecily getsarrested for shoplifting and while serving her jail sentence the court ordersMel to live with Gladys. A decision both are less than happy about.

This novelwas a lovely read, nothing special but I enjoyed the time I spent with it. Thecharacters have little time to develop and thus don’t remain in the reader’smind for long. That’s a bit sad but I don’t think the author could have drawnout the story any longer. It seems well rounded and over when it is over.Although I will probably wonder about how the lives of Mel, Cecily and Gladysgo on. A charming little tale that speaks to young readers, but can just aswell be enjoyed by those long past puberty.

The storyis but a glimpse into the lives and hardships of this family but it manages tosufficiently portray the complications of having a drug addict for a parent.What I especially loved was Mel’s relationship with books and eagerness to goto the library. I always take pleasure in characters who like to read as muchas I do. And despite the grave beginning to the story it takes an upliftingturn about mid-way through that is sure to delight any reader.

This book won’t change your lifebut it might make for a lovely afternoon for both young and youthful readersalike.