Every Other Day

Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes Kali is a normal teenager with normal worries about school and her absent father, but only every other day. On the days in between she is an invincible demon fighter. This part of her life she keeps hidden from her classmates and friends until one day a girl in her school shows a tell-tale demon bite. Now Kali must reveal her secret in order to rescue the girl.
My thoughts on the book…
This book with its take no prisoners heroine reminds me a little of Buffy. A series I loved but whose strong female lead was soon replaced by school girls pining for vampires. Barnes turns this sad development on its head and gives us reading girls a strong female, almost a super hero, to accompany on her quest against the world of demons. A quest that I have enjoyed throughout the entire novel, filled with fight and heart-ache and nail-biting tension up until the last page.
Still Barnes gives the reader not only the action but also the love-story, she lets Kali find her soulmate only to tear him from her and the reader drops from seventh heaven down below ground-level. This story has it all and gets the reader invested in its characters. As a girl I loved the combination of adventure and romance, and I also loved that it was putting equal weight on both counts. Kali is not a character waiting to be rescued by her big bad vampire boyfriend but one who does the rescuing herself and that makes for an exciting read.
Any girl who enjoys reading young adult fantasy novels, will love this book. It is inspiring and gripping, holding the reader prisoner until the very last page. At the same time this novel works up to the more that is to come and I am very excited about possible sequels and can’t wait to see how the story about Kali and Skylar will pan out in the future. Do read this book if you are looking for a fun and thrilling way to pass your time, and if you are sick of Twilight-esque sob-stories, where girls might tell the story but the guys always take the lead.
In a nutshell… A fun and exciting read for any fantasy girl out there.